Наградата „Венцислав Занков”

The Ventsislav Zankov Award

Der “Ventsislav-Zankov-Preis“

The Ventsislav Zankov Award


the bliss of the undefiled


The Ventsislav Zankov Award was initiated by a Bulgarian national, living in the country since 1962 and having the opportunity to learn about and thrive in the diversity of cultural experiences locally and regionally. Still a believer in their creative potential and in the generative powers that the arts can unleash.

In 2008 the award was made possible with the kind support of Goethe-Institut Bulgarien & the “39 grams” newspaper within the A-A-H! Project. Its aim is the ‘branding’ of both Visual Arts and young artists in the public spaces in the country as well as in Europe.



The 2008 Award (1000 euro) will be won in a rigorous contest within the
A-A-H! Project.

Haimi Fenichel 1972, Israel “Horror Vacui” /Vacuum Horror/ , 2008

‘Ventsislav Zankov’ Grand Jury Award, 2008 ‘All About Him’