1 year me
1 year together
1 year mountain



1 year=15,2 seconds


1 year 'ME' movie [view QT]

1year = 365 /days/stills


"90 minutes" [български]

project ready>> started 02.09.2004 >>ended 01.09.2005

"90 minutes: Shortcuts"

"Shortcut One: 1 year ME"
Once a day I take a picture of myself. I do it each day.
It's my face in a close-up. It's a face a day, there's a face to each day, each of my days captures one of my faces. Each day is a frame of a face, a frame of my face.
A second of a film holds 24 frames, that is 24 of my days.
A full-length film lasts 90 minutes, which equals 5400 seconds. Each second holds 24 days: the total comes up to 129 600 days within the full-length film.
It's as simple as that: I will need 355 years to shoot a full-length film where each of my days will be a single frame in the sequence.
An average life span of 70 years can be captured in a 17.7 minute duration of a film.
A year of my life, when taped, will last 15.2 seconds. It's 15.2 seconds of my faces: 15.2 seconds of ME, taking a picture a day, each day throughout the year = 1 year ME

"Shortcut Two: 1 year MOUNTAIN"

My studio is located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain and anytime I look through the window I cannot believe how different the mountain looks, how different it is, in fact. It reminds me of Fujiama.
A year of my life captured through the views to the VITOSHA mountain.
Each day I take a picture of the mountain. Same time, same place.
A second of a film holds 24 frames. A year of my life will last 15.2 seconds. 15.2 seconds of views to the VITOSHA MOUNTAIN; 1 year Vitosha

"Shortcut Three: Stay with Me"

Each day I voice my feelings, disguised as thoughts, and I record them. Day after day I keep recording them in chronological order and cutting them off by date. This is the soundtrack to my dates with the MOUNTAIN.

The Exposition LIVE:
/keywords - time, eternity, time-bound, moment, still life, duration/

The two looped films, "1 year MOUNTAIN" & "1 year ME" are screened on two wide screens facing each other. Parallel to the screenings runs the soundtrack. Two sequences of 365 pictures each, each picture size 24/30 cm are exhibited to complement the exposition. Each picture copies the images recorded on the film frames (both films). The full film is presented in photos: there's a picture for each frame.

Each sequence of 365 pictures requires 26.28 square meters of exhibit space. Two opposite walls 3.60 meters high and 8.50~9.00 meters long will be enough to accommodate the sequence


1 year=15,2 seconds


1 year 'vitosha' movie [view QT]

1 year =365days/days/stills


The VIRTUAL Exposition:
Digital copies of both the films and the breakdown by film frames will be made. The digital structure will allow searches by dates and seconds. The searches will pull the visual and audio records together to recreate my dates with the MOUNTAIN at any given point in time.

Where the Two Expositions Come Together

A computer station will be available throughout the duration of the LIVE Exposition to provide access to the VIRTUAL one.