White, Male, & Straight Project


Preliminary notes


Ordinary people/ artists, who do not fit in priority categories and interests concerning minority problems, racial, religious, and sexual differences; who neither fall within the range of conflict between the sexes, nor are of homosexual orientation, also have the right to voice out and defend their position of ordinary, average human beings in the field of arts and culture without being accused or labeled sexist, machist, sextant, sectarian, or  any other concept or terminology that might stem from the distinctions mentioned above.


This is a project that defends the right of expression, action and behaviour of the ordinary man who due to coincidence  is white /Indo-European race/, heterosexual, monogam, irreligious, apolitical, а-global, rather local, living within the country where he was born and grew up and habituated - i.e. he is neither an immigrant nor his passions and feelings are of a such. Nowadays it is easier to be different that to be the same. Society?s attention is attracted easier, more successful are the public and artistic shows, they are more attractive for media and art supporting organizations. To reveal the unusual in the always the same - this is a real challenge! The exotics and otherness we leave to the cultural tourism and to the local bearers of culture.  Object of the project Without neglecting the minority problems, to outline through the means of the modern art and to defend the parameters of one natural and usual human activity and existence as it protects it from estimations and definitions as machism, sexism, etc. and keeps and rationalizes it as a necessary and most important human behaviour.  In the struggle for equality of rights and positions and human dignity, the project aims at defense both of equality and rights of those who are not different. The object of the project is to defend the balance of the couple The Same/The Other. For Otherness it has been written and discussed, and done much, as always the starting point has been the Sameness. The project would like, relying on the Otherness to provide a new sense and definition to the Same as a philosophical and artistic practice.

Realization:  Stages:  
1. Finding, gathering and selection of artists willing to express their usual emotions and feelings in an unusual manner, who do not incline to pretend to be interesting, different or radical 
2. Elucidating and coordinating the individual projects of the selected artists  
3 Implementating the particular individual projects 
4 Coordinated and group presentation of the projects in a united exposition under the maxim WHITE FE/MALE & STRAIGHT PROJECT  
5 Printing of a catalogue from the exposition 
6. Presentation of the exposition in other towns of the country - Plovdiv /Banya starinna/ Burgas-The Synagogue  
7. Presentation of the exhibition in the neighbouring Balkan countries -  Macedonia - Skopje centre of modern arts изкуства, Serbia -  Belgrade 
Presumptive participants:  
Doctor Galentin Gatev-
actor; dermatologist-venereologist 
Neli Gavrilova- photographer 
Ventzislav Zankov - lecturer at NBU 
Ivan Kuranov - actor 
Boris Serginov - actor 
Boryana Dragoeva - 
actor артист  
Orlin Todorov - psychotherapeutist,  associate professor at NBU 
Zashev - philosopher 
Stylistics and style specification Derivative of the topic on the Sme
 the use of means of expression should aim at the amateur use both of 
technics and technique from daily life as the target is the banal to be revealed
  and given a new meaning  
Video installations and one-channel video /home video/ 
Text Sound installations  
Printing - post cards, posters, billboards 
Place  Sofia -: Municipal Gallery of Art 
Plovdiv /Banya Starinna/  
Burgas - Synagogue  Presumptive technical requirements:  
Video beamers 5 numbers 
Video players 5 numbers  
Diaprojectors 4 numbers  
PC and multimedia periphery as well as the consumable to them  
curator Ventzislav Zankov