"75 wishes" project
/after The Fisherman and the Goldfish/
CD-ROM and Multimedia Screening Project
ventsislav zankov

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75 Wishes

/after The Fisherman and the Goldfish/

CD-ROM and Multimedia Screening Project



Presented in the form of a screening of interactive CD-ROM, the project will attempt to research and juxtapose the three most coveted wishes of acquaintances and ordinary people, who chanced to end up in front of the camera. It will be formally based on the story of The Fisherman and the Goldfish.

My main concern within this project is to what extent people’s wishes are the same, and how they differ from each other, as well as the possibility to directly juxtapose people and their reactions by using computer technology.

The specifics of realization of 75 wishes raise the question of audibility: the twenty-five people questioned voice their wishes simultaneously, and that simultaneity makes their wishes impossible to be heard or understood. In order to grasp what each of them is saying, the viewer must deliberately choose, with the help of the computer’s “mouse,” the person they want to hear. That way, however, the viewer can only hear the chosen person, as the rest of the voices will be automatically disconnected by this operation. If the viewer does not choose/interfere, the faces on the screen are left to themselves; talking, moving, alienated, incomprehensible, and misunderstood…wound up…in an inarticulate, mutual clamor.

They will only “speak” on their own if there is a viewer willing to hear them.


The possibility of random skipping from one face to another in order to hear its voice, story, and wishes, or the opportunity to watch impassively twenty-five people speaking at the same time, will eliminate the linearity of expression offered by traditional video, where it is only possible to present the participants in sequence, thus making the viewer’s presence purposeless. 


what were these 75 wishes - check them out!

Technological Requirements


Multimedia videoprojector

Amplifier with speakers

Screen, wall